AARP New Jersey 2021: 7 Ways AARP NJ Fought and Won for your Financial Security this Year

AARP New Jersey 2021: 7 Ways that AARP fought and won for your Financial security this year.

Fighting for 50-plus New Jerseyans and their families

AARP NJ works to ensure you have a brighter and more secure financial future. In 2021, we fought to expand state programs and initiatives to help thousands of New Jerseyans stay in their homes, grow their retirement savings, afford their prescription medication and so much more. Here are a few things AARP New Jersey fought for-and won-this year. For more information about these programs and resources, visit

Property Tax Relief:

The Homestead Benefit Program provides much needed property tax relief; however the credit was outdated and calculated on 2006 tax bills. The program will be fully funded and updated so benefits are based on 2017 property tax information, which is the most current program year. This will help residents confront the 40% rise in property taxes over the past 15 years and help residents age in place, where they want to be. For more information, call 1-888-238-1233.

Affordable Utilities:

The NJ Board of Public Utilities has expanded NJ’s Universal Service Fund, which helps make energy bills more affordable for low income customers. This will help thousands of New Jerseyans establish affordable electric and gas bills based on the percentage of their income and forgive COVID-19 related arrearages. The state has also allocated federal relief funds and state funds for utility bill payment assistance programs. For more information, call 1-800-510-3102.

Public Pension System:

AARP NJ fights to ensure all workers who have paid into their public pension systems over a lifetime of hard work have the economic security their pensions afford in retirement. The 2022 state budget fully funds the public pension system for the first time since 1996. Fully funding is important to ensure the financial security of about 800,000 NJ households and improve the overall health of the system, serving the interests of all taxpayers. For more information, call (609) 292-7524.

Pharmaceutical Assistance:

Income eligibility has expanded for Senior Gold and Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled (PAAD) programs, which allows 20,000 additional seniors and those with disabilities to qualify for this critical assistance to help afford their medications. This extension also expands eligibility for utility assistance programs for those most in need. For more information, call 1-800-792-9745.

NJ Earned Income Tax Credit:

The NJ Earned Income Tax Credit (NJ EITC) is a cash back tax credit that puts money back into the pockets of working individuals. Previously, the program was not available to workers over the age of 64, despite our workforce getting older and working longer. AARP NJ fought to eliminate this discriminatory age cap. Beginning in tax year 2022, workers 65 and older will benefit from the increased financial security the NJ EITC provides. For more information, call (609) 292-6400.

Secure Choice Savings Program:

In 2019, Governor Murphy enacted the Secure Choice Savings Program, which is a public-private partnership that will create a voluntary and portable retirement savings option for around 1.7 million private-sector New Jerseyans who currently do not have a way to save for retirement at work. Funding is now allocated to start the program, which is set to open in March 2022.

Expansion of New Jersey’s Retirement Income Tax Exemption:

Previously, anyone with even $1.00 above the annual $100,000 income could not exclude any of their retirement income from state income taxes. Under the new law, this cliff will be eliminated, increasing the retirement income exemption threshold to $150,000 and allowing certain deductions to $150,000 and allowing certain deductions for those with income between $100,000 and $150,000. For more information, call the NJ Division of Taxation at (609) 292-6400.

Join Us:

*Advocate for New Jersey: Sign up to become an AARP advocate and you will receive email action on issues you care about.

*Volunteer with us: Use your talents, knowledge, experience and time to help make life better in your community. We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities. Email us at: or call toll free at 866-542-8165 for more information.

*Keep up to date: Get the news and information about AARP efforts and events on our State webpage:

*Join the conversation: Like us on Facebook: AARPNJ and follow us on Twitter: @AARPNJ.

The State Office:

AARP New Jersey

303 George Street, Suite 505

New Brunswick, NJ 08901


Disclaimer: This information was just sent out to all AARP members of the State of New Jersey and I wanted to share this with everyone. I give full credit to AARP for the information as stated. Please check out their website and Facebook pages for more information.

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Do you need help with your Home Energy Bills? The State of New Jersey offers Assistance Programs that can help.

Do you need help with your home energy bills? The State of New Jersey offers Assistance Programs that can help.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

LIHEP or HEA is a federally funded program that helps low-income households pay for heating cost (includes: electric, natural gas, oil and other deliverable fuels). Even if your heat is included in your rent, you may qualify. LIHEAP grants are also available for medically necessary cooling costs. Applications are accepted from October 1 through July 31. (See Chart for income limits). LIHEAP is administered by the Department of Community Affairs.

Universal Service Fund (USF)

USF is a program created by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to help low-income households pay for their electric and natural gas costs. To be eligible for USF, your household must:

  1. Be income eligible
  2. Spend more than three percent of household income on gas and/or electricity (or spend more than 6% of household on electric heating). Apply any time of the year. USF is administered by the Department of Community Affairs.

*For a list of agencies that accept USF/LIHEAP applications and more information, go to the website: or call toll free 1-800-501-3102.

Income Eligibility:

Household Size/USF Program/LIHEAP Program













Lifeline Program:

Lifeline Utility Assistance Program is for eligible low-income senior citizens and the disabled. Lifeline benefits help eligible homeowners and renters with electric and natural gas costs. Apply for Lifeline with the NJSAVE application. Call 1-800-792-9745 for more information or go to

Page Program:

PAGE grants help gas and electric customers prevent disconnection of service or restore service. For more information, please go to and click on “PAGE”. PAGE can assist households at or below the New Jersey median income ($118,440 for a household of four persons).

NJ 2-1-1:

Dial 2-1-1 any day, nay time for confidential referrals to local health and human service assistance services or search NJ 2-1-1’s online database at: NJ 2-1-1 is funded by the United Ways of NJ in partnership with the State of NJ.

How NJ can Help: Other Programs:

New Jersey Shares (NJ Shares)

NJ SHARES provides assistance o households in need of temporary help paying their energy bills due to a financial crisis. Apply online at or call 866-657-4273 for more information.

Winter Termination Program (WTP)

WTP protects residential customer from disconnection of natural gas and electric service from November 15th-March 15th if they participate in: USF, LIHEAP, Lifeline Utility Assistance Program, Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled (PAAD), Work First New Jersey/Temporary Assistance to Needy Families or Federal Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Also, persons unable to pay their utility bills because of circumstances beyond their control may request the protection of WTP. Customers should make every effort to pay as much of their bill as possible during the WTP period to avoid a large overdue balance at the end of the WTP.

How do I enroll in WTP?

You must call your utility company and request protection under the WTP and explain why you need this protection. For more information about the WTP or if you have a complaint about your utility company, please call the Board of Public Utilities at : 1-800-624-0241. You can also view the Utility Customer’s Bill of Rights at the website:

How NJ can Help:

Have your home Weatherized for Free!

What is Weatherization?

Weatherization is the installation of home energy efficiency measures to help reduce energy bills.

Eligible participants are provided with:

  1. A free home energy audit to see how much money can be saved on energy bills through weatherization.

2. Installation of recommended free energy efficiency measures, which may include energy efficient appliance replacement at no cost.

There are two free Weatherization programs in New Jersey:

Comfort Partners:

Comfort Partners is an energy saving and education program that directly installs energy savings measures FREE of charge for qualified low-income customers. Comfort Partners is sponsored by the Board of Public Utilities NJ Clean Energy Program. Call 1-800-915-8309 or go to: (energy or gas heat only)

Weatherization Assistance Program:

This Department of Community Affairs program assists qualified, low-income households in weatherizing their homes, improving their heating system efficiency and conserving energy. Households that apply for USF or LIHEAP can check a box on that application to request weatherization.

For information go to:

Disclaimer: This information was taken from the NJ Department of Community Affairs pamphlet and I give them full credit for the information. Please check out the attached links for more information or call the numbers above to talk to the departments.

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Best Exercise Tips for Vision-Impaired Seniors by Trish Rooney

I found this wonderful article in a local newspaper by author Trish Rooney and I wanted to share it with all readers.

I directly give all credit of this article to the author Ms. Trish Rooney

Best Exercise Tips for Vision-Impaired Seniors

By Trish Rooney

What’s the best way to get moving? After a year inside, everyone is adjusting back to moving more and taking care of our bodies in the way we need. Some of those who find movement harder, like seniors and the visually impaired, may not know the best ways to start to work out. Ed Plumacher of the Lighthouse Guild, an organization dedicated to assisting people with vision loss and impairment, offers what he thinks are the most important exercise tips for vision-impaired seniors and the people that care for them to know.

  1. Be Prepared:

Talk to your doctor about movement that might be right for you and remember to stretch before and after you exercise. You don’t want to throw yourself into exercise and possibly end up hurting your body. “We all know someone who’s taken it too far at the gym,” Plumacher says, “so be sure to properly prepare yourself for whatever exercise you’re doing. Don’t just start picking up dumbbells.”

2. Know Your Body:

Hand in hand with being prepared, is knowing your limits. Plumacher says that not all types of exercise work is for everyone but there is a kind of exercise for everyone to enjoy. “Even if it’s just standing up and sitting down or going for a long walk, any movement is good movement,” he explains. “Experts are now saying it only takes two days a week of exercise to see a difference in your physical health.” Making exercise a routine and knowing what you can do, and what movement you’re working towards achieving will help you know your body inside and out.”

3. Get Engaged with Others to make your Exercise even more impactful:

Whether it’s with your friends, children or grandchildren, the best part of exercise is that it can be a social experience, which is good for your body and good for your brain. Check out chair yoga classes or tandem bicycling. After an isolating year, the opportunity to get involved with other vision impaired seniors and your wider community is important for your mental health,” Plumacher explains. “New York has so many classes and groups that seniors can access to meet people and take care of themselves.” Taking care of yourself means taking care of your whole self, both mind and body.

4. Start slow but However You Can Start:

The final tip is the most important. Exercise can be intimidating for seniors and the visually impaired but starting is the first and most important step. Once you’ve created a routine, found movement, you like and feels good for your body and found other people who can keep you encouraged and uplifted throughout your movement, you’ll find that exercise isn’t as scary as it can seem. For caregivers, encouragement and being an active participant in the movement can make exercise and movement less of a stressor and a more positive experience for both you and the senior in your life.

Disclaimer: This article was written by author Trish Rooney and I give her full credit for this information. I have never done these exercises before so I have no recommendation on it.

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Fluoridex: the toothpaste prescribed by your dentist and preferred by you

Fluoridex: the toothpaste prescribed by your dentist and preferred by you

Professional-strength formulas you need, with tastes and textures you’ll prefer.

We recognize that when it comes to your oral care routine, taste matters. Nearly twice as many patients preferred Fluoridex to Clipro in a customer survey of oral hygiene products.

The importance of fluoride protection:

*Statistics show that 92% of adults ages 20-64 have cavities in their permanent teeth, 23% of which go untreated.

* Fluoride inhibits demineralization and bacterial activity, which prevents and controls cavities.

*Fluoridex toothpastes provide 4x the fluoride of non-prescription, over the counter toothpastes for superior defense against cavities.

Both Effective and Enjoyable:

*The only way a fluoride toothpaste can be effective is by using it consistently.

*Fluoridex offers the same look, taste and feel of the most popular brand-name toothpastes-so it’s simple to make the switch.

*From comprehensive relief for sensitivity to enhanced whitening, Fluoridex comes in range of formulas. Ask your dentist which is right for you.

Ask your dentist professional about adding Fluoridex to your oral care routine.

They types of toothpaste:

*Fluoridex Daily Defense Toothpaste

*Fluoridex Sensitivity Relief Toothpaste

*Fluoridex Sensitivity Relief SLS Free Toothpaste

*Fluoridex Enhanced Whitening Toothpaste

*Fluoridex Daily Renewal Oral Rinse

Disclaimer: This information comes from the Den-Mat Holdings Fluoridex pamphlet and I give them full credit for the information. I have never used the toothpaste before so I have no opinion on it either yes or no to its use. Please check out the attached ads and websites for further information on the product. Please consult your dentist.

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Know your Child’s Lead Level!

Know your Child’s Lead Level!

The Bergen County Childhood Lead Program is offering free screenings to all families who are interested. Children are exposed to lead from different sources such as paint, cosmetics, certain foods, water, dust, soil and time spent in a home built before 1978.

Call for free Child Lead Screening at (201) 634-2648.

Garfield Health Department

60 Elizabeth Street

Mondays from 11:00am-3:00pm

Hackensack Civic Center

215 State Street

(Check for Dates)

Disclaimer: This information was taken from the NJ Health Pamphlet and I give them full credit for the information. Please call the number above or check out the websites attached for more information on the program.

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PSE&G: Blocked Sewer? It could be a cross bore.

PSE&G: Blocked Sewer? It could be a cross bore.

What is a cross bore?

A sewer cross bore is what results when a natural gas pipe is accidentally installed through the sewer pipe to your home. This can happen when a natural gas utility installs a gas service pipe underground from the street to your meter, using trenchless technology. When a sewer line is not marked properly, it is possible for the gas to be installed through a sewer pipe.

While natural gas cross bores are rare and pose no immediate risk, over time the sewer may clog. Using a mechanical rotary device or rooter, to clear the clog may cause damage to the natural gas pipeline and create a serious hazard.

Before cleaning out a sewer:

*A video inspection camera should be used to identify the sewer obstruction. Do not use a rotary device to clear the sewer until the obstruction is identified.

*Call 811 at least three business days prior to sewer work to have underground utilities identified at no charge.

*If you suspect that a sewer blockage is the result of a natural gas or underground cross bore, call PSE&G at 1-800-880-PSEG (7734).

Be alert for signs of a natural gas leak:

*A hissing noise

*A natural gas or ‘rotten egg’ smell

*Bubbling water in a toilet, sink or other standing water

If you suspect a natural gas leak:

*Leak the area immediately

*Call 911 and PSE&G at 1-800-880-PSEG (7734)

*Do not smoke or operate electrical switches or appliances in the area. Doing so may produce a spark that could ignite the gas and cause an explosion.

Disclaimer: This information was taken directly from a flyer from PSE&G and I give them full credit for this information. If you need any additional information, please check out the PSE&G website.

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Voltaren: Help is here for your joint pain.

Voltaren: Help is here for your joint pain-What you need to know about osteoarthritis joint pain and relief.

Joint Pain: if you have joint pain, feel stiff or have swollen joints, you may have a condition called osteoarthritis (OA).

What is OA?

OA is the most common form of arthritis. It affects more than 30 million Americans and is chronic condition. The important thing to keep in mind is that arthritis pain can be managed.

OA pain is caused by a breakdown of the protective cartilage of joints. Some call OA “wear and tear” arthritis because, over time, bones may rub together causing mild-to-severe pain.

What are the symptoms of OA?

If you’ve experienced any of the following, it might be time to talk to your doctor:

*Joint pain

*Joint stiffness

*Joint instability

*Restricted mobility

*Enlarged joints

Are you at risk for OA?

There are some risk factors to keep in mind when trying to figure out if you have OA:

*Age: the risk of OA increases with age.

*Obesity: increases the likelihood of wear and tear on the knees.

*Injury or overuse of joints: prior knee injury has a strong correlation with OA.

*Genetics: those who have OA in their family history are more prone to OA.

*Gender: OA is more common in women and tends to be more severe.

How to Manage OA

Your first step is to get moving:

Arthritis experts agree that your first line of defense is to adopt healthier habits, like regular exercise, losing excess weight and becoming educated about the disease.

It’s been proven that mild-to-moderate exercise is helpful for people with arthritis and is a highly effective non-drug treatment for managing pain and stiffness of OA.

Some quick movement tips:

*Physical activity may help relieve arthritis pain.

*Movement may help to delay other chronic diseases, like heart disease and diabetes.

*You can adjust your activity depending on your symptoms.

*Some physical activity is better than none.

You may need Medication:

If improved habits are not enough to manage your OA pain, there are OTC pain relief options that can help.


Topical OA Pain Treatment:

*NSAIDS: Voltaren Arthritis Pain

Topical NSAIDs target arthritis pain at the site and work by temporarily blocking the production of pain signaling chemicals called prostaglandins. The American College of Rheumatology (ACR) strongly recommends topical NSAIDS for OA of the knee and conditionally recommends them for OA of the hand.


Capzasin provides a sensation of warmth, itching or burning as a diversion.

COUNTERIRRITANTS: Bengay, Aspercreme, IcyHot

Counterirritants alter pain sensations by creating cooling, heating or tingling sensations.

Oral OA Pain Treatment:

NSAIDS: Advil, Motrin, Aleve

Oral NSAIDS can relieve arthritis pain by temporarily blocking the production of pain signaling chemicals called prostaglandins.


Acetaminophen is not a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine. It works by elevating the body’s pain threshold, so you feel less pain.

*Unlike Voltaren Arthritis Pain, CBD products have not been clinically proven or FDA approved for the relief of OA pain.

The first prescription-strength OTC topical NSAID gel for OA pain relief.

Pain relief gel as an alternative to pills. Clinically proven to relieve the pain of arthritis.

*Relieves Joint Pain

*Improves Mobility

*Reduces Stiffness

Voltaren Arthritis Pain is made of a smooth, non-greasy formula that combines a gel and cream (Voltaren Emulgel). This specialized formulation helps the active ingredient, diclofenac, penetrate through the skin at the site of pain.

This provides effective pain relief for the hand, wrist, elbow, foot, ankle and knee.

Visit for more information and special offers.

Disclaimer: This information was taken directly from the Voltaren pamphlet and I give them full credit for this information on their product. I have never used Voltaren so I have no opinion on it yes or no to how it performs. Please call the company for more information on the product.

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BrainCheck: Worried about Memory Loss?

BrainCheck: Worried about Memory Loss?

What is BrainCheck?

BrainCheck is a fun, easy way to assess your cognitive health in less than 15 minutes. Just like taking a person’s temperature or checking their blood pressure at the doctor’s office, we believe that everyone should know their cognitive status. That’s why we created BrainCheck.

Not an IQ test:

With BrainCheck, you’re not testing your intelligence and there’s no “pass” or “fail”. You’re simply trying to measure and better understand your cognitive health.

How BrainCheck works:

  1. *Take the Test:

Assess multiple cognitive domains in just 10 minutes. We store your scores, so you can see how your performance changes over time.

*2. Track your changes:

BrainCheck tracks changes in your memory, attention, mental flexibility, reaction time and more, connecting you and your doctor to real-time, actionable information about your cognitive health.

*3. Discuss with your doctor:

Your test results come with easy to read data and insights for each cognitive domain. Discuss your results and next steps with your doctor.

**Early detection is key:

With early detection, you can determine the cause of impairment and address changes early on. New research has found that certain lifestyle changes like diet and exercise can not only improve brain health but also help prevent dementia.

The science behind BrainCheck:

We turn gold-standard neurocognitive tests into interactive mobile games.

For decades, doctors and scientists have relied on pencil and paper tests to measure brain health. But modern technology enables us to bring these tests into the 21st century and offer people everywhere easy, affordable access to their cognitive health.

*10 Minutes: A snapshot of brain performance in about 10 minutes.

*40,000+Users: A robust normative database validated across ages 10-99.

*20 years: Backed by 20 years of research at Baylor College of Medicine.

1 in 3 Seniors dies with Alzheimer’s or another Dementia:

Know the signs: As people age, their cognitive abilities decline. However, when memory loss interferes with daily life there may be reason for concern. If you notice the warning signs in yourself or a loved one, don’t ignore them. Ask your doctor about BrainCheck.

*Forgetting new information: important dates or events or asking the same question over and over.

*Problems communicating: remembering words or following conversations.

*Getting lost: difficulty driving or forgetting where you are or how you got there.

*Difficulty completing familiar tasks: like managing your bills or making your favorite recipe.

*Psychological changes like inappropriateness, paranoia or agitation.

About Brain Check:

BrainCheck helps lessen the human and economic toll of cognitive impairment and dementia. USed by hundreds of clinicians and thousands of people around the world to detect cognitive changes early, we enable patients, caregivers and clinicians to work together to implement personalized recommendations to preserve brain health and functional independence. Ask your doctor about BrainCheck today.


Disclaimer: This information was taken directly from the BrainCheck pamphlet and I give them full credit for the information. I have never used the program for I have no idea yes or no of how good it is. Please call the above numbers and/or check out their website for more information.

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Perfect Walker: Upright Walkers for Seniors

Perfect Walker: Upright Walkers for Seniors

Stand up straight and feel better: discover the Perfect Walker, the better way to walk safely and more naturally

It’s a cruel fact of life as we age, gravity takes over. Our muscles droop, our bodies sage and the weight of the world seems to be planted squarely on our shoulders. We dread taking a fall, so we find ourselves walking less and less and that only makes matters worse.

Well cheer up. There’s finally a product designed to enable us all to walk properly and stay on the go. It’s called the Perfect Walker and it can truly change your life.

The Perfect Walker-The Product

Traditional rollators and walkers simply aren’t designed to enable us all to walk properly and stay on the go. They require you to hunch over and shuffle your feet when you walk. This puts pressure on your back, neck, wrists and hands. Over time, this makes walking uncomfortable and can result in a variety of health issues. That’s all changed with the Perfect Walker.

Its upright design and padded elbow rests enable you to distribute your weight across your arms and shoulders, not your hands and wrists, which helps reduce back, neck and wrist pain and discomfort. Its unique frame gives you plenty of room to step and the oversized wheels help you glide across the floor.

The height can be easily adjusted with the push of a button to fit anyone from 4’9″ to over 6’2″. Once you’ve reached your destination you can use the hand brakes to gently slow down and there’s even a handy seat with a storage compartment.

Plus the Perfect Walker includes Stand Assist handles which make standing from a sitting position simple and easy. Its sleek, lightweight design makes it easy to use indoors and out and it folds up for portability and storage.

Why spend another day hunched over and shuffling along. Call now, and find out how you can try out a Perfect Walker for yourself and start feeling better each and every day in your own home.

*Stand assist handles

*Folds easily

*Optimized Center of Gravity

*Comfortable seat

*Adjustable backrest

*Easy-brake wheels

*Choose between royal blue or rich bronze

Perfect Walker: Call toll free (855) 513-2819.

Disclaimer: I have never used this product nor has anyone I have known. I am simply providing the information right from the product advertising to the readers. I have no opinion on the product yes or no on how good it is. This information was provided by the company and I suggest checking out their website or talking with your doctor about the product to see if it right for you.

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PSE&G: Helping you manage summer energy usage and costs: Working with you

PSE&G: Helping you manage Summer Energy usage and costs: Working with you:

In the summer months, PSE&G makes recommendations to their customers to help save some money. Please look at their website for other programs as well.

Summer is coming! Plan ahead and learn how to manage your energy costs when temperatures begin to climb. Follow these tips to reduce energy use this summer.

*Install a Programmable thermostat: Raise the setting to the highest comfortable temperature. You can save 3-5% on air conditioning costs for each degree you raise the temperature.

*Close the blinds, shade and curtains facing the sun: To keep out the sun’s heat and help fans and air conditioners cool more efficiently.

*Turn off power sources: Many TVs, computers and other electronics continue to draw power when hibernating in standby mode or even when turned off. Plug electronics into a power strip that can be turned off when not in use.

Here are some other ways PSE&G can help you manage your energy costs:

*Save Energy & Money: Get convenient online information to help you manage your monthly energy usage. Find energy saving tips, tools and programs to help you reduce your energy costs.

*Equal Payment Plan: Another way to manage energy costs and avoid seasonal fluctuations in your energy bill is to sign up for our Equal Payment Plan (EPP). The EPP divides the total annual cost of your energy use into equal monthly payments.

Home Energy Analyzer: Access through My Account at PSE&G’s Home Energy Analyzer is an easy, interactive way to learn how your household uses energy and get personalized recommendations to make your home more energy efficient.

Apply for Payment Assistance

If your energy bills become unmanageable, a number of payment assistance programs are available for low and moderate customers as well as senior citizens and people with disabilities.

Electric Safety Tips for Working Outdoors in the Summer Months:

*Always be aware of electric line locations: Keep a safe distance from them when using or carrying a ladder. Never let a ladder touch a power line. Be especially careful using a metal ladder.

*Use caution when painting or working in areas near the electric service entrance cable to your home.

*Never operate electric trimmers, movers or power tools with wet hands or near wet grass or shrubs. Always use heavy-duty, grounded extension cords.

*Don’t trim tree branches when a power line is running through them.

*If your TV or radio antenna needs repair, consider hiring a professional. Antennas are difficult and dangerous to handle.

*Teach your children about electric safety: Remind them to: Stay away from power lines, including downed wires, Never climb trees that are near electric lines or climb utility poles or power line towers, Never play near “Danger High Voltage” signs.

*Disclaimer: This information recently came in the latest bill from PSE&G and I give them full credit for all the information. Please be on the look out for this information on your next bill and check out their websites for more information.

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