How to care for your baby’s first teeth

How to care for your baby’s teeth

*How do I clean my baby’s teeth?

*How do I comfort my baby during teething?

*What should I use to clean my baby’s teeth?

Protecting the Precious:

The care and cleaning of your baby’s first teeth is extremely important. Baby’s first teeth serve many functions in your child’s growth and development in addition to proper chewing and digestion. Baby teeth are also essential for correct speech development and play a vital role in holding space for future permanent teeth. And of course, there will be all those cute pictures of your happy, smiling baby showing off those “pearly whites”.

The Natural way to clean tiny Teeth:

There is nothing more pleasant than the smell of a baby’s sweet breath. The clean sweetness is the result of a healthy balance of oral flora. Mother’s milk promotes this healthy oral environment with its natural enzyme system. FIRST-TEETH Baby Toothpaste contains the protective enzymes, Lysozyme and Lacoferrin as well as Lactoperoxi-dase. These are naturally found in mother’s milk and salvia. The natural way to clean tiny teeth: Lacoferrin binds to iron, a mineral many bacteria need to survive. By reducing the available amount of iron, Lactoferrin inhibits growth of pathogenic bacteria. Lysozyme kills bacteria by disrupting their cell walls. It is well documented that infants who are breastfed contract fewer infections than those who are given formula. Studies have shown that mother’s milk actively helps newborns avoid disease in a variety of ways. It is indicated that some factors in human milk may induce an infant’s immune system to mature more quickly than if the child was formula fed. Breast-fed babies produce higher levels of antibodies in response to immunizations. By cleaning baby’s teeth and gums with FIRST-TEETH you will be providing the best natural protection a baby could have against harmful bacteria.

First Teeth Baby Toothpaste: 100% Ingestible Baby Toothpaste

FIRST-TEETH toothpaste is the only one of its kind that contains Natural protective enzymes found in mother’s milk and salvia.

*Naturally reduces the bacteria that cause baby bottle tooth decay.

*Contains no saccharin or artificial sweeteners known to cause cancer.

*Contains no propyl paraben or other harmful preservatives.

*Contains no artificial colors or flavors.

*Non-foaming. Easy for parents to use and more acceptable to baby.

*100% ingestible-not harmful if swallowed.

*Babies and toddlers love the taste of the real apple-banana flavor.

With INFA-DENT Toothbrush & Gum Massager:

INFA-DENT was developed by dentists to safely clean your baby’s or toddler’s tiny teeth and soothe sore gums due to teething.

*Slip on parents finger and grips, making it easy to gently maneuver throughout the baby’s mouth.

*Provides a “Mother’s touch” to babies-not a bulky hard toothbrush held by a long handle.

*Dishwasher safe.

*Can be sterilized in boiling water.

*Compact-fits in purse or diaper bag.

*Can be frozen like a teething ring.

*Lasts as long as a toothbrush (3 to 4 Months).

*Recommended use: From birth to 3 years.

Teething Babies:

A teething baby can be miserable. Drooling, crankiness and often a mild temperature can result from your baby’s newly erupting teeth. It can be a hardship for both, the parents and the baby. Rubbing your child’s teeth and gums with mom’s gentle touch and the soft bristles of INFA-DENT can be a pleasant and bonding experience for your baby.

Good Oral Health has to start at an early age to last a lifetime…

Dentist and pediatricians agree that it is best to begin cleaning baby’s teeth as soon as the first tooth is seen. As your child grows, oral hygiene will become a natural and routine part of your child’s daily activities. Sadly, a large number of children have cavities as early as 2 years of age. However used together, FIRST-TEETH toothpaste and INFA-DENT baby toothbrush and gum massager, is an excellent way to get an early start for a lifetime of dental health for you child. It’s best to clean your child’s teeth and gums as son as possible after eating or nursing. After a bath is also a good opportunity to introduce and establish a regular oral hygiene habit.

Tips to Remember:

  1. Be Patient: the baby will depend on you for comfort and relief and may demand more time and attention.
  2. Massage Painful Gums:  with the INFA-DENT, use a light circular motion on the sore area.
  3. Apply teething gels: on INFA-DENT and apply to sore gums.
  4. Cold Application helps: after placing INFA-DENT in the freezer for 30 minutes apply to teething area. This will provide temporary relief by numbing gum areas.

Additional Information for your baby’s dental care:

Your Baby and Fluoride:

Most parents agree that fluoride is good for the prevention or the reduction of tooth decay. However, toothpaste with fluoride is not recommended for children under two years of age because an excess of fluoride may be swallowed. Consult your dentist or pediatrician concerning fluoride for your baby.

Provided as a professional courtesy

Laclede Inc.

Rancho Dominguez, CA  90220


*Disclaimer: this information is taken directly from the First Teeth pamphlet from Laclede Inc. I have not used these products so I can not give an opinion either yes or no to good the product is or does. Please call the above number or email the company to get more information on the product. Remember that good dental care is important at any age and you have to take care of your teeth on a daily basis.



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