Too Much Sitting: The Health Risks and What you can Do.

Too Much Sitting: The Health Risks and What you can do: Sit Less!

Are you sitting down?

Here’s some important news; sitting too much can cause serious health problems even if you get regular exercise.

Most American adults sit about 8 hours a day.

*We sit at work.

*We sit in the car, bus or train.

*We sit in front of the TV and computer.

*We sit while reading, eating and visiting friends.

All that sitting isn’t good for us.

When you sit for a long time, your body doesn’t have to work against gravity. Large muscles like those in your back and legs don’t work as hard, so they need less fuel.

*You burn fewer calories.

*Blood sugars (glucose) and blood fats (triglycerides) rise.

*This can lead to health problems.

The longer you sit, the higher your risk of:

*Weight gain

*High blood pressure

*Heart disease


*Type 2 diabetes

*and other health problems

The good news: there are easy ways to increase activity, even when you have to sit all day for work or school. These tips will help you to get up, get moving and get healthy.

When you must sit for long periods:

*Break up sitting with small active movements.

*Fidget! Even tapping your toes gets your blood moving.

*Try seated heel or toe raises. Do lower leg lifts. Or tighten muscles in your legs, stomach or buttocks.

Don’t sit if you can stand:

*Stand while on the phone.

*Stand to stretch. March in place.

*Try knee bends or desk push-ups.

Son’t stand if you can move:

*Move between rooms or workstations

*Spread out the tools you need.

Instead of sending a text or email, walk to talk to a coworker.

Rethink your chair:

*Try a stability ball instead of a chair.

*If you work at a desk, try a high table, counter or standing desk.

*Consider a treadmill desk or stationary bike.

Walk, walk,walk:

*Invite friends for a walk instead of a meal.

*Suggest walking meetings at work.

*Skip the elevator and take the stairs.

Sitting too long is harmful, even if you exercise.

All adult should try to get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day. What about the other 23 1/2 hours in a day?

*Spending time moving once a day is good but it can’t make up for long hours of sitting.

You need to add movement throughout the day to maintain good health.

Stay Active while watching TV:

*Fold clothes. Do sit-ups or arm curls.

*Stretch every time an ad come on.

*Pedal a stationary bike or walk on a treadmill.

Keep moving on the go:

*Walk or cycle when possible.

*Park at the back of the lot and walk.

*Skip the drive-through! Walk into the restaurant.

*Do ankle circles or shoulder rolls while stopped at red lights.

Sit less and move more!

Sitting a lot can lead to weight gain, high blood pressure and heart disease. Boost your health by taking short activity breaks all day long. The tips inside will show you how to stop sitting and start moving.

Bergen-Hudson Chronic Disease Coalition

Disclaimer: This pamphlet comes directly from the Bergen-Hudson Chronic Disease Coalition put by Journeyworks Publishing, written by a team of medical professionals. Please call them for more information.




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