NJ Safe & Sound: Think for Yourself: Outsmarting Mind-Hackers

NJ Safe & Sound: Think for Yourself: Outsmarting Mind-Hackers

Just as hacker takes over a computer to deny users access to crucial networks, a mind-hacker uses undue influence to override your critical thinking skills, isolate you from your support network and gain control over how you make decisions about your life.

A mind-hacker can be a person or a group. They might “love bomb” you with excessive attention and affection, say that only they can help you with your problems, promise you things you really want or claim to be your soul mate. They’s insist on constant communication or meeting that leave no time for family, friends or hobbies. They’ll convince you to hang out only with them and before you know it, you’ve cut off everyone else.

Here’s how to block mind-hackers:

*Back Up & Reboot: You need to have control of your own time and the freedom to fact-check what you’ve been told with independent sources. Take a break before making any major decision. There’s no way of knowing if your mind is being hacked without spending time away from the possible mind-hacker and learning how undue influence works.

*Rely on your Network: Talk to friends, family, and mentors you’ve always trusted. Get their input on any new advice you’ve getting, without pressure from the possible mind-hacker use is to tell you not to tell anyone else about your conversations with them. If you think you’re in danger or a crime is being committed, contact the police.

*Go Low-Tech: If you feel you’re being over-whelmed or bullied via phone or social media, write down what you’re being told and take time to think it over when you’re not flooded with emotion. If the person or group is pressuring you for contact, it’s OK to limit your replies or even to unplug for a while.

*Filter Out Viruses: Predators, con artists and terrorists can appear innocuous and even friendly at first to disguise their dangerous intent. Be suspicious when people you hardly know want to talk in depth with you about your philosophy, psychology, spirituality, self-help program or “sure thing’ business opportunities.

*Use Privacy Protection: Don’t discuss personal matters, finances, medical history or that of your family with someone you’ve known for only a short time. Mind-hackers will scan for vulnerabilities, using the information you share to their advantage.

*Set Up a Firewall: Knowledge protects. Learn about undue influence and how mind hackers work. Set personal boundaries. If you let a mind-hacker in, you risk them alienating you from your loved ones, pressuring you into giving them things that are important to you and even corrupting your memories so you see things the way they do.

The Spectrum of Influence:

Recognize and avoid manipulation tactics that short-circuit you ability to think critically, isolate you from objective sources of information, take control of your decision making, destroy healthy connections and trap you in exploitative relationships.

*Safe to Continue: Ethical Influence

*Nurtures your independence

*Respects your other relationship

*Encourages access to information

*Leaves you in control of your choices

*Caution: Early signs of Mind-Hacking

*Disregards your personal boundaries

*Pressures your thoughts, feelings and behavior

*Begins to isolate you

*Leaves you feeling confused

Danger: Under Influence

*Fuels fears

*Controls your time and keeps you isolated from others

*Demands unquestioning commitment

*Leaves you obligated to get permission before making decisions

For more information, go to njsafeandsound.org and facebook.com/njsafeandsound

Disclaimer: This information was taken directly from the NJ Safe & Sound pamphlet and I give them full credit for it. Please call or email them at the above numbers for more information.



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