Is it a cold or allergies?

Is it a cold or allergies?

Symptoms are often similar. Use the table below to learn about typical symptoms and to help tell a cold from allegies. While there is cure for a cold or allegies, you can comfort your child by providing symptoms relief:


Fever Maybe Never

SoreThroat Yes No

Cough Yes No

Itchy throat/nose No Yes

Sneezing Yes Yes

Runny Nose Yes (Thick/Discolored) Yes (Watery, Clear)

Itchy/Watery Eyes No Yes

How long Up to Two weeks Weeks to months

Contagious Yes (caused by viruses) Never (Allergies are caused by pollen, dust)

What can you do to provide symptom relief?

Ask your healtcare provider about over the counter medications to ease your child’s symptoms:

Relieve Cold Symptoms:

Clear a stuffy nose:

*Put a cool-mist humidifier near your child’s bed.

*Use saline (salt water) nose drops or spray.

*For a baby; suck out mucus with a rubber bulb after using nose drops or spray.

Keep giving liquids:

*Have your child drink a lot of water and other liquids.

*If your child won’t drink, try popsicles.

*For a baby, offer extra formula or breast milk throughout the day.

Relieve Allery Symptoms:

Reduce the pollen your child breathes in (if your child has outdoor allergies):

*Rinse face and eyes afte time outside to remove pollen.

*Keep windows closed during allergy season.

Reduce dust and dust mites (if your child has indoor allergies):

*Use a vacuum with a high-efficiency (HEPA) filter weekly.

*Wash bedding weekly in hot water.

*Disclaimer: This information was taken from the Johnson & Johnson pamphlet on Children’s Zyrtec and Tylenol and I give them full credit for the information. Please check their website for more information.


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    Please check out the Johnson & Johnson website for more information on Children’s medications.

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